Charging Pile Energy Management System Solution
Energy Consumption Monitoring Solution for Base Station
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
Precision Distribution Monitoring Solution for IDC
Smart Motor Control and Protection Solution
Power Monitoring System
Cloud Platform for Power IOT
Smart Busway Monitoring Solution
Prepayment Cloud Platform
Operation And Maintenance Cloud Platform For Substations
Energy Management System
Energy Efficiency Management System
Medical Lsolation Power Supply System
Photovoltaic System Solutions
Smart Lighting Control System
Split Core Current Transformer
Hall Sensor Solution
Prepaid Solution
WHD Temperature & Humidity Controller Solution
Residual Current Operated Relay

Split Core Current Transformer


★ Electricity renovation project(semiconductor, tyre, rubber, polycrystalline silicon)


★ Low voltage distribution system


★ Power operations


★ Data center



1) Small size

2) High precision

3) High capacity

4) Easy installation



With CE and RoHS certificed.

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