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Charging Pile Energy Management System Solution


In recent years, in response to global warming and climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions,major countries have focused on promoting electric vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles. And the construction of charging piles is very important in the promotion of new energy vehicles. Therefore, a large number of charging pile projects have emerged around the world.


Single phase and three phase AC, DC energy meters complies with the corresponding IEC standards and can be used in all kinds of AC and DC charging piles to realize charging energy measurement, and can transmit electrical parameters in real time through communication.


Main Functions

It can measure and display electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, and support RS485 communication and electric energy pulse output.

Monitoring electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and three-phase imbalance, cable and bus temperature.


1. Accuracy

Energy Accuracy: Class 0.5S or Class 1


2. Optional Configuration

Optional multi tariff.


3. Certificate

With CE or IEC certified.

Product Selection

● AC 220V

● 10(60)A


● LCD display

● kWh Class 1,Kvarh Class 2

● U、I、P、Q、S、PF、kWh、kvarh

● DIN 35mm

● AC220V

● 10(60)A,20(100)A


● Set parameters

● LCD display

● kWh Class 1

● DIN 35 mm




●Set parameters

●LCD display

●kWh Class 1

●DIN 35 mm




●Set parameters

●LCD display

●kWh Class 0.5

●DIN 35 mm

● AC 3×220/380V,3×380V,3×57.7/100V,3×100V 

● 3×1(6)A,3×10(80)A

●  U、I、P、Q、S、PF、kWh、kvarh


● LCD display

● Frozen data 

● 2-31st  Harmonics

● kWh Class 0.5S,kVarh Class 2 

●Measure voltage, current, power, forward and reverse power in DC system

●Local display


●Set parameters

●DI/DO, Relay alarm output

●Applications:DC panels, solar power, telecommunications base stations, and charging posts

●RS485 communication interface

●Supports Modbus-RTU protocol

●Relay alarm output and digital input function

●Set the ratio, alarm, and communication through the meter panel keys according to different requirements

●Event recording of switch (Modbus protocol), programming and event setting records, instantaneous and timing freeze function of data, maximum and minimum value recording function of voltage and current power


AC, DC, pulse and other complex current



9) AFL-T Shunt


Common Specification: 300A/75mV