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Operation And Maintenance Cloud Platform For Substations



Main Functions

24/7 Cloud-enabled Monitoring Service

Monitoring electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and three-phase imbalance, cable and bus temperature.

Fault Alarm

Platform can send all kinds of alarm information (such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, smoke, switch trip) to users by SMS/Email/APP.

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Platform can provide hourly, daily, monthly, and annual power consumption report according to the distribution circuit, area, department, and sub-item (lighting, air conditioning, power, etc.).

Equipment Management

Set and update equipment archives of transformers, inlet cabinets, outlet cabinets, measuring cabinets, high-voltage cables, etc. Recording the installation and repair information of these equipment to realize life cycle management.

Inspection and Repair Management

The platform can prepare the tasks and send it to the mobile of the engineer.By App, engineer performs the tasks and record the defects at the substation site.

User Report

Automatically summarizes the operation data of the substation for one month and lists various defects found during the inspection.

APP Access

By app,users can realize the functions of video monitoring ,power parameter query, energy analysis, alarms receiving, inspections and defects recording.