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Medical Isolation Power Supply System


Medical IT system insulation monitoring device and fault location system is suitable for hospital operating room, ICU (CCU) and other important places, and can provide a safe place for such continuous, reliable power solutions.


Main Functions

1)Primary connection diagram and field distribution display

2)Real-time data acquisition and display

3)Fault Alarm

4)Remote parameter setting and inquiry

5)Graphic display

Display the insulation status, load status, and the isolation transformer temperature of each set of isolated power systems in graph form.

Product Selection

● isolating transformers for medical IT systems

● Double insulation treatment, Electrostatic shielding layer

● PT100 temperature sensor

● Rated power: 3.15…10KVA

● CE

● Insulation monitoring for medical IT systems

● Load and temperature monitoring of isolation transformer

● Device disconnection monitoring

● LED indicators: On, Insulation, Overload, Overtemp

● Alarm relay output

● Test button

●  Insulation fault location


● Generating Fault Location Signal

● Detection of L1 and L2 disconnection

● LED indicators: On, Comm, Test

● CAN bus

● Auxiliary power supply: DC24V

● Insulation fault location in AC IT systems

● AIL150-4: 4 measuring channels

● AIL150-8: 8 measuring channels

● LED indicators: On, Comm

● CAN bus

● Auxiliary power supply: DC24V